Hair tea

We all know the countless benefits of drinking tea, but how many of us know the benefits derived from applying tea to natural hair? I’ve been using various teas in my hair for about a year now, from hot oil treatments to my daily hair spray. And boy oh boy have I reaped the benefits, my hair is softer and shinier, wash day is more of a breeze now, my shedding has decreased. Over time I’ve combined the teas to form what I now call my hair tea, I want to share my tea recipe with u guys, I make a large batch of “hair tea” and then I use it over a period of time, in future posts I’ll tell you how I use my hair tea but for now the recipe.

You’ll need:

20 bags of oolong tea
20 bags of rooibos tea
17 bags of green tea
10 bags of black tea
10 bags of ginger tea
8 bags of chamomile tea
8 bags of buchu tea
8 spoons of ground hibiscus

Add all the teas in a jar, shake the jar to evenly distribute the teas and your done.


1)Black tea: known to reduce shedding due to it’s high content of caffeine, and it also helps darken hair

2) Rooibos tea: South Africa’s red tea, in a study carried out by a french laboratory rooibos was perceived to have a positive effect on hair and hair growth this is because the leaves contain antioxidants and antimicrobial properties

3) Green tea: has been found to have 5 alpha-reductase properties which help repress DHT (a hormone that causes hair loss in both males nd females)

4) Oolong tea: Benefits of hair for this tea have recently been discovered, the antioxidants in this tea have been shown to also repress the DHT hormone

5) Ginger tea: ginger is widely known to promote hair growth, you can either buy this tea or make your own by shredding and dehydrating the ginger

6) Chamomile tea: has been known to revive dull and damaged hair and soothe an irritated scalp, it also helps lighten hair so consider it as a leave-in for a couple of days before colouring your hair

7) Buchu tea: very high in vitamins A,B,C and E. Vitamin C has been shown to prevent the loss of colour due to it being an antioxidant. Vitamin E can rehydrate dry hair and help reduce the appearance of split ends and dry hair

8) Hibiscus tea: Usually used with Henna to naturally colour, thicken and condition hair

Follow my blog for upcoming posts on the uses of this hair tea.



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