30 day challenge/ Day One

I came across this challenge while browsing through Tumblr. It was reblogged by chocolatehigh from royalbrwngirl.

I thought it would be cool to do this in order to understand myself as I am currently, I have a general understanding of myself, but as the days go by, we’re exposed to different things and we grow. I hope you’ll join in!

Single life! How is single life hmmm, I think I should start by asking myself if I’m happy? I’d say I’m happy, I’d love to be in a relationship but I’d like for my next relationship, to lead to something serious and therefore, I’m happy being single right now.

Again! How is it being single? I won’t lie and say I don’t get envious when my friends tell me about their relationships ( I even envy the problems they have lol) but that being said I feel, I need this time to learn about myself at 23, to vision what I want and work towards achieving it.

I would love to get married soon but I feel, I’m not yet ready to get married or get into a serious relationship, I know that at this point in time I don’t have the time to maintain a relationship, nor do I have the time to establish new relationships.

I’m currently dating and I feel that, that too is a burden for me right now and that these are the things I should be working on during this time.

Things I feel, I should be working on during this time would have to be; developing a self sacrificing spirit, I’m still in that I, I stage and still can’t fathom a “we” stage, the we concept is very foreign to me right now. Compromise to me sounds vulgar, I have a long way to go I know.

I still can’t share! I still don’t pick up the phone at the end, or during the day to inform my partner about the happenings of my day! I just recently lost my grandmother and my BBM status read “I just lost my grandmother, my life’s constant. Still can’t believe she’s gone, pls don’t ask!!” And I got backlash about it from a few people about refusing to talk about it. This goes back to me refusing to be a part of a team. I’m working on my communication skills though.

I don’t have much to work on, I just have major things to work on lol, just to clarify I only have communication problems with guys I date and no one else…

I hope this doesn’t expose me in a negative light! As always peace, love and prosperity!


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