Day 2

Where do I see myself in ten years time? Having just moved back to South Africa or still working overseas depending on how life goes.

I plan on working overseas after my training programme ends. I’m not sure as yet where I’ll do my training programme but it has to be an international company that offers me the chance of working at anyone of their offices across the globe. I’d love to work overseas for about 3/4 years and depending on what I find, I may or may not return!

I’d like to be working closely with the CFO and a shoe in for that position (am I aiming too high? If so at least I won’t fall too low). I plan on being the financial manager in about 7/8 years time.

I see myself engaged in about 10 years times. I would however love to be married by then but I’m not rushing it, not at all! I do see myself adopting a child in about 6/7 years, not sure yet if I’ll be comfortable adopting a child while single or if I’ll wait till I have a steady partner/husband. I do however see myself with 2 beautiful pit bulls, 1 bull terrier and a sphynx cat

If my finances agree I plan on owning a cute lil’ cosy 3 bedroom house with a large yard for my vegetable garden with plenty of fruit trees, I’d love for my backyard to lead out to the woods and a willow tree in the back as well. I don’t know why, but humid summers, moist soil, and the smell of lemons feels like home to me!

I think I’ve covered everything. I also see myself throwing dinner and dress parties, especially throwback parties at least once a month. Other than that I think that about sums up everything, with that being said peace, love and prosperity everyone!

Question? Where do you see yourself in 10 years times? Please let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading!

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