30 Day Challenge/ Day Four

I didn’t blog yesterday,had a stressful day yesterday. I don’t plan on posting yesterdays blog today, I’m just going to move forward

I’m a very religious person or at least I’d like to think so, I use to think my family was a very religious family, but as I got older and started searching for my own truths, I realised that even though we were christian we were Sunday/easter weekend christians.

I’ve church hopped like crazy and I’ve met some questionable characters over the years, I’m not judgmental, I just want to find or be around people that walk the talk, instead of talking the talk, I’m sure you know what I mean.

I finally found a group of people I feel walk the talk, how did I find this group of people?? Well I was going through a very deep depression and I wasn’t feeling the whole medication thing so I wanted to find an alternative and at that time religion seemed to be the best medication!

Anyway I had just come home from rehab (not drug and alcohol related btw) and for reasons still unexplained today, everything was going wrong and preventing me from leaving the house. The alarm was going off, the gate wouldn’t close, I had to keep going back into the house to get something, some of you might call it a coincidence but to me that was divine intervention. That’s when I ran into two gorgeous ladies walking around with bibles, I had prayed to God the previous night to find him and a suitable church, so it only made sense for me to stop these ladies and ask where their church was ( I thought they were walking home from church, boy was I mistaken).

The one lady turned around and explained that she didn’t go to a church but a Kingdom Hall, I remember looking at her like wtf! Anyway cut a long story short, I felt I found what I was looking for and now I am a baptised Jehovah’s Witness.

Anyway if you read this very long and boring blog post, thanx for reading and as always peace, love and prosperity


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