30 Day Challenge/ Day Six

Best dish ever

Best dish ever

30. I talk to myself a lot (only cause I make myself happy)

29. I love to cook

28. I’m obsessed with piercings

27. I’m in a secret relationship with Common

26. Erykah Badu’s my mommy, she just doesn’t know it yet

25. I’m a natural hair fanatic

24. I’m obsessed with black woman with natural hair

23. I’m a closet poet

22. I love mapane worms cooked in tomato gravy

21. The world to me is a colourful place with dragons and monsters

20. I have OCD and I love it

19. I can’t step over cracks

18. In my mind animals and children, deserve the same kind of care and protection

19. I’m a pit bull fanatic

18. I love dark novels

17. I want green hair

16. I want to be a hairstylist

15. I love blue and black lipstick

14. I want green lipstick

13. I love the colour black

12. I like chubby guys, I just wouldn’t date one

11. I’ve fed a chimp at the Thohoyandou home affairs (best experience ever)

10. I had fungus grow on my big toe once as a kid

9. I speak 4 languages (pretty common, here)

8. I’ve got my wedding all planned out in my head.

7. I’m an introvert

6. I’m loud

5. I hate shopping

4. I don’t dream. Anymore!

3. I believe in the healing powers of nature

2. My favourite boots are my gold ones, don’t wear much anymore but still love em

1. My mind automatically converts dollars (USD) to rands (ZAR)





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