20 Week Protective Styling challenge


For my own sanity I’ve decided to embark on a 20 week protective styling challenge, why now?  Well winter is a little too cold for me to have my hands out of my blankets busy with my hair, or to take hour-long lukewarm showers followed by an icy cold final rinse, ain’t nobody got time for that and I can’t handle the breakage nor the single strand knots!! Why 20 weeks? The 20 weeks goes into spring yes, I know but we all know the first couple of weeks of Spring are as cold as winter itself and because my hair is colour treated I need to protect it from the drying cold.


What is protective styling (PS)? Simply put PS is styling your hair for a lengthy period of time to protect your hair from weathering, your ends are usually tucked away in a bun or a updo. Ever heard the saying “there’s strength in numbers”? Well this is also true for your hair as, when natural hair is worn out it’s likelier to break or split, whereas it’s a lot harder to damage an individual strand when it’s in a bundle, think about it it’s a lot easier to break a twig in half than it is to halve a bunch of twigs. The protective styles I plan on doing include but are not limited to twists, updos and hopefully box braids.

I’ll be doing a weekly update,hot oil treatments followed by an ACV rinse every second weekend, I’ll be spritzing my hair daily with my, DIY hair spray and massaging my scalp once a week with castor oil (in an effort to cleanse my scalp, I’ve noticed some flaking). I’ll decide on the rest as I go along

This week I’m installing mini twists and hopefully I’ll keep them in longer than 3 weeks – hopefully they won’t bore me after a week – it’s going to take me a week to install these, I’ll show you the installation process and how I wore them during the week on Sunday, that being said thank you for reading and as always peace, love and prosperity

These are going to take forever to finish

These are going to take forever to finish



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