30 Day Challenge/ Days 8-11

I haven’t done a challenge post in 4 days, only because I’ve been experiencing electricity and network problems and that’s what has delayed my posts, it took me about 6 hours trying to finish and upload that post, the power kept going off, my internet connection was slow but I’m back now, hopefully for good. That being said, I don’t know what I was thinking doing this challenge, once it ends my blog is going back to hair and food. Enough is enough honestly now!


Day Eight:

A moment I felt most satisfied with my life? Hmmm, I’m going to pick the most recent satisfying moment… My last paper for this exam period, after losing my grandmother and an exam, my last paper put a smile on my face, a huge smile people. The reason, third year has been tough for me, like really really tough. I failed 2 third year papers (exam papers) and had a panic attack for the one, which made me miss me it (ironically I was ready for it this time around but circumstances beyond my reach forced me to miss it again :e ) so I’ve just struggled with school for the past year, nearly dropped out and me losing my grandmother just made things worse for me, so seeing that final paper with everything I had actually studied (more like crammed) just made my day.

Day Nine:

How I hope my future will be! I’m a go with the flow kind of girl, besides my Kitchen and Wedding I haven’t really sat down and properly planned everything, all I know is that I would love to be married, with kids a wonderful career in finance with flexible hours or running my own business (probably hair, catering or perfumery) what ever affords me the opportunity to be a career woman and stay at home mother (last I heard women could have it all, we just need to be innovative)

All in all I just want to be happy, so wherever my heart takes me, I’m okay with just as long as I’m happy. I definitely do want the simple life, a nice cosy home far away from the hustle and bustle of Jozi, probably in Pretoria or the near the Vaal river with a big yard so I can grow my own organic produce (although SA has no GMO produce apart from corn and soy, I still prefer organic but it’s hella expensive so I might as well grow it myself). I also want to be surrounded by animals, not sure which yet but no exotic animals (except snakes and tarantula’s).  

Day 10:

Discuss your first love and kiss. Oh my goodness, I should’ve read through this challenge before accepting it. My first love, should I say write hise name? No, in fear that my mother will read this blog, so let’s call him X, I still get butterflies when I run into X, or someone brings up his name, it’s the weirdest thing ever, he used to be a really sweet boy and his still respectful, but he became a criminal at a very young age (we were still together at the time) and I wasn’t about that Bonnie and Clyde life, no mam I was not. He was my first kiss, our relationship was just the cutest lol I was 13/14 and he was 15/16 . We only met on weekends when I’d go visit my granny and our conversations went a’lil something like this, “Hey”, “Hey”, “So, how was your week”, “Twas a week and yours?” , “same, so what did you do?” etc… This would go on for about an hour before his friends would join and other kids from my grans street. It was just the cutest relationship ever, and the only time we kissed was when we broke up, it was also the cutest break up ever lol…

He was away for about 3/4 months (actually use to call my house every Friday, lol young love)  in Juvie , when he got back he got back we broke up, I went into my grannys yard he followed me and asked for a kiss by my grandma’s kitchen door. It was sweet the way he asked for it…. And that is the end of todays posts, thanks for reading and as always, peace, love and prosperity to you all



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