Find your future favourite natural hair blogger


I have done you guys a great disservice,  by only writing this post now but please understand my brain has been scattered everywhere thanks to my exams, I’ve told you guys before I get blinding stress during exam time. Anyway here’s my post!

I’ve been listed on the Natural Hair Blog Directory  (theNHBD) for the past 2/3 months… I want to share it with you guys because it’s an awesome site, it’s basically the phone directory for natural hair bloggers. if your on the lookout for that perfect natural hair blog, check it out, all the blogs are listed by hair types making it easier for you to find your next favourite natural hair blog.

Now that the exams are over (I know, I keep saying this, but I’m just so excited!!!) I can’t wait to be more active on theNHBD and keep an eye out, I have so many good natural hair post ideas I’m bursting at the seams with excitement. the next couple of months are going to be good for this blog

Check it out ladies!!! As always peace, love and prosperity to you all


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