Marley and Havana twists obsession

I’ve wanted Marley twists since the gorgeous Manaka Ranaka  rocked them on Zabalaza (a tv drama she’s on) and since then I’ve searched high and low for the hair extensions  and out of nowhere a friend of mine had them installed, looks like I was looking in all the wrong paces, all I had to do was go to a beauty supply store. I’m still looking for a professional to install them if I can’t find one, I’ll do it myself either way I’ll be rocking these pretty soon. As always peace, love and prosperity


Protective Styling Check In: Week Two ( June 24-30)

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but just for emphasis I’ll say it again I LOVE MINI TWISTS!!! I honestly do, they change up your look without putting weight on your hair like extensions do…

That being said I’m not a fan of mini twists in the first week, no mam’ I am not, they all crooked and tight from twisting , they look like struggling earthworms in vinegar (I had a lot of boy friends growing so yeah), they also not uniform pointing in different directions, they just not cute at all so a rinse is always a must for me in the first two weeks or so.

I washed my hair last Friday, what I had done was a hot oil treatment with coconut, palm, olive and avocado oils the night before, I rinsed the oil out first thing in the morning then while my hair was still wet I poured Oat milk onto my hair, covered it with a plastic cap and went about with my day. I finally washed it off about two hours later and I don’t know if this was the Oat milk or the hot oil treatment but my hair was let shiny and soft, unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures 😦

When I first mentioned the fact that I was going to do a protective style challenge, I mentioned that I would be basing my scalp with castor oil, I use an old Inecto plus colour developer, I add 20 drops Lavender and 10 drops Rosemary essential oils then fill the bottle with castor oil. I use this on my scalp three times a week. Anyway thank you for reading this and as always peace, love and prosperity to you all