Hydrating Honey Deep Conditioner

My hair was pretty dried out from that Dr. Miracle deep conditioning  which left me unimpressed and hating my hair ( well the feel of it not the look) so I needed to find something that would bring the moisture back and now that  Winter is coming to an end  and the weather is getting warmer, what better time to start using humectants again? 

Now which humectant to use? I decided on honey because of it’s antibacterial and astringent qualities, I needed this because my scalps been flaking. If I had banana’s I would have also added them, I’ve read somewhere that the potassium in bananas can rid your scalp of dandruff, oh well.




                  4tbs of raw honey

                  8tbs of olive oil

                  4tbs of any cheap conditioner



  1. Whip out a bowl and a spoon (preferably one you’ll use exclusively for DIY hair and body projects)
  2. Add olive oil  (if your honey has crystalized consider warming your oil first) to the bowl followed by 3tbs of conditioner
My bowl is stained from hair dye

My bowl is stained from hair dye

      3.  Mix the conditioner in then  add the honey one spoon at a time


  4. Add in the fourth tablespoon of conditioner and that should make your mixture nice and creamy

This is what the final product looked like

This is what the final product looked like

I didn’t use up all of the deep conditioner, so I decided to mix up the remaining mixture with some cocoa butter and I love the smell of this whipped butter.


Thanks for reading!


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