Glycerine the good, the bad and the ugly

Clere BP Pure Glycerine

Clere BP Pure Glycerine

Each and every single one of us have hair goals. All being different from the next, from length to thick healthy hair goals. Many naturals have found glycerine to be very effective in reaching their goals, this post will explore why that is.

firstly lets consider what glycerine is! Glycerol (another name for glycerine) is a polyol compound, it’s colourless, odourless and very sweet. Glycerine is water soluble and hygroscopic in nature (that means it’s able to attract and hold water from surrounding areas). It attracts moisture in environments of over 70% humidity or higher It is soluble in water and easily added to hair-care products.

There are two types of glycerine, one naturally derived the other synthetically derived. Natural glycerine can be obtained from animal fats or vegetable fats, whereas synthetically derived glycerine is a by product of petroleum.

    Animal Glycerine:

Cheaper to make
Usually not purified (100% glycerine)

    Vegetable Glycerine:

Doesn’t go rancid
Doesn’t fry as quickly as animal glycerine
It’s a food grade product so it has many uses

    Synthetic Glycerine (BP):

Considered a potential health hazard by many
Typically produced from epichlorohydrin as a starting material, which is a toxic chemical.
The concern arises from the fact that the final product has traces of epichlorohydrin

    All Three:

Softens hair by binding water to hair
Believed to dry hair (only when used undiluted) in low humidity, this can be overcome by applying with water.
In humid weather puffs up your hair cuticles partly removing semi-permanent colour.
Prevents breakage while combing (only natural hair)
Should be added in small quantities to liquid
It’s water and alcohol soluble
It is insoluble in oil, but can be used to emulsify water and certain oils

All in all moisturised hair helps it grow, stay healthy and look good, so consider adding glycerine to your regimen and reap the rewards. Love now and always, thank you for reading