Protective Styling Check in: Week One ( June 17- 23)

I finally finished twisting my hair, YAAAAY me !!!! I didn’t take any pictures of how I wore my hair this week simply because I didn’t go out much and I didn’t like how my hair looked (It needs a wash), the other reason is that I wanted to share the products I used while twisting my hair. Hopefully I’ll find this helpful in future

I used the LOC method before twisting, I only moisturize this way when I’m super busy and I know that I won’t have time to moisturize my hair, or right before a protective style. My final rinse being the liquid and any kind of oil then followed by shea or cocoa butter. In detail the LOC method is:

  • Liquid:

The first step would be to hydrate your hair (in an undertone: HY-DRAY-SHH-ION), what better hydrating “product” than water to perform this task? Water is afterall the first product you find in moisturisers -there’s a reason for that, not that you didn’t already know- in the liquid stage I basically used my hair tea spray (read more here) . For this first step you can always use a water based leave in conditioner

  • Oil:

You need something to seal in the first step with, right?! Right, okay we all know that we need something to seal the moisture in with. It’s best to use a penetrating oil for this step, for double “moisture” in a way. Penetrating oils would be coconut, olive, avocado, palm oil and argan oil.

  • Cream:

The final step should be a thick butter based cream, that’ll sit on the hair shaft prevent moisture loss… By butter based I mean the first 3 ingredients should be a butter, with water coming in last, I with my cheapness use a whipped butter. Depending on the, I’ll choose between Shea, Avocado or Cocoa butter.

This helps lock in moisture for a couple of days, say about 3-4 days, some people moisturize their hair using the LOC method once a week. As always peace, love and prosperity to all