Let it all out.
Sometimes it’s the streams we cry that keep us flowing.
Sometimes the valleys our tears create give us depth,
Maybe the oceans we cry, keep us afloat to face another day.
Embrace your emotions,
The roller coaster rides they take us on,
Make us who we are


I Write

I write to escape

There’s magic in a blank page, being transformed from nothing to blood drenched artwork

I write to escape!

My tormentors, my worries and fears.
Amazing how simple words, written on paper can heal and aid growth better than time!

I write to escape, but now a blank page has lost it’s wonder.
It’s healing powers.
Nowadays pen and paper seems to expand instead of fill the void.

Miserable I have come to be, but time will slowly but eventually mend all that’s been broken.

Meagre Life

Effort is all that I give you,

you reward me meagrely,

I’m so drained, so low.

Filled with nothing but regret and hatred…


How can you be so against me, you belittle every effort I make.

You tend to forget, you and I are one!

Here I am pouring out my affections to a cynical lover, a proud person you have come to be.


See how I nurse you, feed and raise you, 

yet in your quest to hurt me and tear me down, you overlook that we are one.


Oh self tell me how I have wronged you?

Self I do nothing but care for you, yet you refuse to love me

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