Protective Styling Check in: Week One ( June 17- 23)

I finally finished twisting my hair, YAAAAY me !!!! I didn’t take any pictures of how I wore my hair this week simply because I didn’t go out much and I didn’t like how my hair looked (It needs a wash), the other reason is that I wanted to share the products I used while twisting my hair. Hopefully I’ll find this helpful in future

I used the LOC method before twisting, I only moisturize this way when I’m super busy and I know that I won’t have time to moisturize my hair, or right before a protective style. My final rinse being the liquid and any kind of oil then followed by shea or cocoa butter. In detail the LOC method is:

  • Liquid:

The first step would be to hydrate your hair (in an undertone: HY-DRAY-SHH-ION), what better hydrating “product” than water to perform this task? Water is afterall the first product you find in moisturisers -there’s a reason for that, not that you didn’t already know- in the liquid stage I basically used my hair tea spray (read more here) . For this first step you can always use a water based leave in conditioner

  • Oil:

You need something to seal in the first step with, right?! Right, okay we all know that we need something to seal the moisture in with. It’s best to use a penetrating oil for this step, for double “moisture” in a way. Penetrating oils would be coconut, olive, avocado, palm oil and argan oil.

  • Cream:

The final step should be a thick butter based cream, that’ll sit on the hair shaft prevent moisture loss… By butter based I mean the first 3 ingredients should be a butter, with water coming in last, I with my cheapness use a whipped butter. Depending on the, I’ll choose between Shea, Avocado or Cocoa butter.

This helps lock in moisture for a couple of days, say about 3-4 days, some people moisturize their hair using the LOC method once a week. As always peace, love and prosperity to all


Protective styling Check in


This is the first day of my protective style challenge, today marks the first day although I’m still not finished with the first protective style… I’m still busy mini twisting my hair, I only mini twist at night and that’s only because I have things to do during the day, the reason I’m not finished is because there were some nights when twisting was the last thing on my mind, anyway here’s my hair during the week.


I started off with a faux blow out, that I wore on Monday pictured above. My hair was cleansed the previous week and detangled with some oil.


Not much was done by Tuesday, I had just completed a small section on the left side of my head and this is how I wore my hair out that day. I have to admit that it was a hot mess dot com

the right side of my hair

the right side of my hair

The right side of my face

The right side of my face

And this is how it looked in the front, can you tell how pissed off I am in this picture?

And this is how it looked in the front, can you tell how pissed off I am in this picture?

    Wednesday and Tuesday:

I was half way done on the one side on Wednesday and my fingers were hurting already, there’s nothing worse than a mini twist cramp lol, anyway I was able to style it better on Wednesday.. I didn’t twist my hair on Wednesday night, so I wore the same updo on Thursday

The left side of my head

The left side of my head

The front

The front



I didn’t go out on Friday, I just stayed home doing my hair and reading a book

    Saturday and Sunday:

I wore it in a bun, it looked cute. I didn’t do my hair Saturday and Sunday night. but I did on Monday night

The Bun on Manday

The Bun on Monday

So this was suppose to be up on Sunday, but I had an assembly to go to and I only arrived home round about 5:45 pm
and I fell asleep at 7 pm so I only got to type this Monday night. I’ll be checking in every Sunday or Monday from now onwards